About Us

ADVANCE is a new international non-governmental organisation that aims to promote the advancement of women in the UK and around the world.  It is particularly focused on the key issues of education, justice and entrepreneurship.

Adopting a posture of learning, ADVANCE seeks to raise capacity of people to understand and voice the concepts of creating a prosperous, just and enlightened world by restructuring society with particular reference to the role of women and girls.

ADVANCE seeks to enable women entrepreneurs develop the skills and confidence to advance their businesses and become active agents of their own positive change.  In pursuance of this aim, ADVANCE provides training, mentoring and coaching for women entrepreneurs, encouragement to young women to become entrepreneurs and networking opportunities such as conferences and networking groups to inspire and support enterprising women.

Throughout all of its endeavours, ADVANCE seeks to highlight the cross cutting issues of entrepreneurship, education and justice.

ADVANCE seeks to develop statements and participation in consultation exercises developing advocacy on policy changes at all levels in furtherance of the above.

As a result of experience and learning gained, ADVANCE seeks to assist existing sustainable grassroots projects focusing on the advancement of women in consultation with relevant stakeholders. These are practical projects that make a difference and recognise the common spiritual depth of all human beings.

ADVANCE has members from numerous nationalities and countries and is already putting into practice its vision of working with women and men the world over, from all walks of life, to create an equal world where women are enabled to realise their true potential, freeing men to realise theirs.